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Children In The Prophecy Links

-Seen to be seeing disastrous manners of plots, even of exterminations especially against the children, seen be seeing various neighborhoods being chosen and massacred, a plan of master disaster on the map 12/25/2007

-Seen to be praying not only for our children, but in public, hand to hand with our children, a new approach to faith, to prayer and our children on the map 03/02/2009

-Seen to be seeing Children at funerals, in their caskets, the constant enactment of children's funerals on the map, beware, take heed 10/09/09

-Seen to be seeing a black and pink baby carriage that is actually a coffin, again there’s something about dangers, even deaths targeting especially the children on the map 05/22/2009

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Jesus Said Light (revelation) Hath Come

The Melt Down That Is America: 04/22/2012

-What If the dollar becomes worthless? Is one of the question those behind this alarming video asked, and immediately I was again in the collapse of America 101, 1996, whereas Holy Spirits asked me a similar question, what if all of America’s debt become due?” Then they went on to show the collapse of everything, banks, the housing sector, churches, unto alarming manners of treasures so worthless it couldn’t be given away, (see Detroit, a critical financial state). Truly as the banks alone fail so does the dollar, eventually some of what they showed me as this unthinkable, indescribable collapse of this world’s describable, greatest nation was demonstrated extremely well doing the 2008 crash.

-Though are they the same Holy Spirits that described the Eron event as an attack that killed millions, of course projected financial collapses are nothing new. I say desist with all the drama, this is something that’s been happening with world nations since before America. We’ve simply come to a great precipice inundated with biblical prophecy fulfilling whereas mankind’s elaborate age of nation building has drawn to a screeching halt. Just you remember, this is God having a One Track Mind and Heart of Grace, at calling on all mankind everywhere to repent, as His Kingdom Alone Reign.

-I knew nothing about the banking system, except the bank is where you kept the money, the economy is where you spent it, business, necessity, pleasure and religion, money as the old saying goes, simply, make the world go round. I was totally oblivious of why the Holy Spirit was asking me such economic to political questions, I simply knew no money meant no American Dream, it’s done, it’s over, finally God would as He’s done many times before, judge a severely godless nation.

-America like other worldly nations is the God of creation, essentially allowing unbelieving man, those formed in His (God’s) image, to take a curse and shape it into a form of working paradise. Evidently, this pleasured basket of goods and services without end, with all nation’s nest eggs of wealth and prosperity entrusted therein. Sadly now this land of make believe is now were all involved literally forget the painstaking reality that it’s yet a curse only through strong delusions made to appear paradisiacal.

-I’m tired of this, what? Mankind have nothing better to do but fool themselves, sound aberrations are now their way of living, another fanciful obscenity speeding catastrophically through their godless existence causing great peril that they put off as the great place of Liberty and Freedom yet horribly they perish. Then there’s the children, even the grandchildren who of every second, of every day reap and practice this foolish rebellion sown whereas onlookers are to be all the more bewildered and dramatized it's shrewd mutilation. Sincerely people, this is the Supreme Christ Lord who is now judge, warning you, like He warn the Jezebel, this overall mother of harlots and abominations, with her followers.

-How He again, gracefully cautioned that except she, they repent, a bed of death, unto being cast into great tribulations, where their prized children will be all the more killed with death, were only a few of the horrors plaguing the life and well fabricated longevity of mankind’s existence. Unthinkably, as this end time trials alone will see millions in this nation and world not only dead, but lost for all eternity. That Korean Ferry that just sank and killed hundreds of non-suspecting students, was that God trying to tell us something? The horrible bus crash on America’s shore, where future college kids and chaperones literally burn alive, disaster, after disaster, after disaster, all with super volcanoes and super earthquakes that’s to kill millions worldwide pending momentarily.

-I know, mankind are not strangers to disaster, yeah, but disasters involving their children and mass death toll, isn’t this where you’ve drawn the line, the one that the Christ Lord Jesus just crossed? Again forewarning how the children of the disobedience will be killed with death. Don’t you see? This is why the Left Behind movie series disappeared all children from the planet, of course it’s not scripture, the only children that will ascend with Christ at this time, are those whose parents are made worthy by Christ’s Cross to escape. Though, just the thought of children, especially those of the so called Free World suffering through the greatest tribulation ever or ever to come again was just too disheartening, though unscriptural, they disappeared them all.

-I looked into this dream doing the first Obama administration, there was something about him, and Clinton, about Clinton being hated and targeted, it wasn’t long before I saw my oldest son Cornellius, he was on a bike, like he had a paper route when upon his handle bars was a funeral reef that stretched high into the heavens above, this was before the last China quake that killed mostly children. Seemingly, you must know and remember always, in God’s eye there is only one earth, there is then only one man, this one man that has replenish the world over is both Male and Female, are both those serving God, and are His children, (servants), or those serving Satan and are his children, the children of the devil. I John 3:10

-This warning goes out to all who by their own ungodly works don’t believe in the love of the truth, which is Christ Jesus the Lord. Just you realize, Jesus made this forewarning so you’re to know His now being judge, grace doesn't intimidate, but will He allow death to all the more target and kill the offspring of the rebellious if that’s the only way to wake them up. Curiously this is the forewarning Jesus is giving the unrepentant in His sight, I WILL KILL YOUR CHILDREN with death, except you repent! In other words, He will allow the curse of death to have its perfect work all the more, causing it to target one of mankind’s greatest treasures at the unrepentant reaping the corruption of their ceaseless rebellion.

-I was standing in my kitchen 2010, 2011, I was preparing my grandson Caden and grandniece Lawren something to drink, when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, asking me; “do they know, do their children know?” “That although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America?” The Holy Spirit was right here, straight out forewarning of unthinkable trials that would affect especially the children of this once grand nation. That although my two sons, Cornellius and Darius had been raised in a supposedly free nations, as so had their parents, their children were now looking to be raised in a police state or something even worse, a nation completely occupied by a heartless, foreign, invader.

-This is the now reigning Christ who described Himself to one of the churches of Asia Minor as having the keys of hell and death. If you note here, He didn’t threaten the rebellious offspring with hell, only with death. We use the word rebellion against God, like it’s this simple, mundane thing of nothing new under the sun. Although when the Heavenly Lord Himself is to review this one stinging rebuke, it’s most of all disheartening, a people whom He had, to whom He hold all existing and future trust. It is those who upon their continued insurrection against Him, will not only suffer death, some horribly so, but even more unthinkable judgments unto an unending second death, heartily, if only they knew, if only they understood, if only they believe, seemingly, if it perish, what shall it profit?

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